Otago University Science Precinct

Otago University Science Precinct

The 56 million dollar Science precinct upgrade by the University of Otago redeveloped the ageing Science Block buildings into research facilities which are of the highest international standing.
Otago University Science Precinct Artist Impressions

Client: Otago University


Architect: Parker Warburton Team Architects, Lab- Works Architecture

Main Contractor: Leighs Construction

Completion Date: February 2018

The Roofing Project

The existing building had a zero degree concrete slab roofwith a leaking bitumous membrane. Weight concerns and significant plant and ventilation requirements meant the options were limited as to which system to install.

A tapered scheme Viking Warmroof at 2 degrees pitch was selected. The insulation is designed to the specifically to the requirements of the roof: falls, hips, valleys, gutters etc created entirely from Kingspan Polyiso Insulation. This lightweight option achieves an R-rating of 8 across the Science Block Roof and at its highest point is 460mm thick.

Otago university roofing case study
Enviroclad membrane is installed as the waterproofing layer over the top of the insulation. Enviroclad was selected due to the systems ability to successfully and robustly terminate over 200 penetrations from 50mm in diameter to over a metre square.