1 Ward Street

1 Ward Street

Roof Street Roof Aerial image

Client: Darling Realty


Architect: McAuliffe Stevens

Main Contractor: Naylor Love

System: Rooflogic Fibertherm MSR

The Project

A commercial building was to be constructed in Dunedin with a very tight deadline that almost seemed impossible to achieve. The walls were clad entirely in Dimond VRib whilst for the roof Rooflogics Fibertherm MSR was selected.

Unlike other traditional metal roof assemblies the Rooflogic Fibertherm MSR system provides high levels of thermal performance and is designed to mitigate condensation risk which is a huge factor in the lower South.

At the heart of the Fibertherm MSR system is the patented structural rail assembly that is used to separate the outer skin from the internal liner deck.

Ward Street New Roof

The structural rail assembly allows the Fibertherm MSR system to use Elite Glass Wool low density insulation in the most efficient way, eliminating the thermal breaks and cold bridging that is an inherent flaw of traditional roof assemblies.

This system allowed us to close in the top roof and have it weathertight within half a day so work could continue below. The rails, insulation and top skin are then installed from the comfort of a solid surface rather than balancing on purlins.