Viking Enviroclad TPO

Viking Enviroclad TPO

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Installed only by Viking Approved Applicators


Formulated to suit a wide range of climatic conditions

UV resistant

Wide rolls – (up to 3.66m) = less seams

Viking – Enviroclad

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Viking Enviroclad, a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) waterproofing membrane offers absolute watertight integrity for low-slope roofs. Enviroclad has been installed on tens of thousands of homes and commercial buildings across the country and the Pacific Islands.

Enviroclad is a mesh-reinforced, heat-weldable waterproofing membrane that can be installed on most low-slope and pitched roofs, gutters and parapets, pond liners, balconies, under floating decks and roof gardens of commercial and residential buildings – new or existing.