Quotation Policy

Is there a charge for getting a quote?

No. We provide quotations free of charge. Where the property is within 15km of our Caversham offices, there are no travel fees either.

If you are more than 15km away, we charge a small fee to contribute to our travel costs and time. Travel fees of $0.85 per kilometre (over 15km); and $65 per hour apply. We are happy to provide you a fee estimate when we arrange our inspection to quote.

We regularly work throughout Otago, Southland and Canterbury. If you live outside the Dunedin area, just get in touch and we can arrange a quote, and provide a fee estimate.

What quotation considerations will we make?

We want to ensure that when we offer you a quoted price, it is what you can expect to pay. If there are changes to make later which might affect the cost, we will communicate them quickly and clearly.
When we visit your property to assess the job, we can take reliable measurements and consider:

  • access to the site
  • delivering, unloading and storage of materials before installation
  • removal, loading and disposal of existing roofing/building materials
  • the proximity of the power lines
  • any prospect of impacts to neighbouring properties
  • weather protection for a range of conditions
  • how long we need to perform the work
  • scaffolding and roof access

We can arrange a specialist scaffold supplier for the job requirements and include the scaffold cost in your re-roofing quotation. The scaffolder will usually require a separate inspection of the site (to our initial quotation inspection), which we can arrange with you. Before, during and after the roofing, we will direct them as needed, so that you can just deal with us.

Avoiding damage

Some roofs are difficult to get to, and some types of roofing are prone to damage when walked on. When it is appropriate, we use the latest in drone technology for completely accurate, and non-intrusive inspection and measuring, and to avoid inadvertent damage.

You do not need to be there when we visit to assess.

If you want to be at the property when we visit, we’d love to meet you, but don’t worry if you have to be somewhere else. Before we come out, we will contact you to check we know what we need to- such as whether there are animals at the property, relevant security and access (usually we do not need enter the building to get to the roof), and if the property is tenanted, you will need to ensure arrangements for tenant notification prior to our visit.

Terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions will be provided to you with your quotation which will list what is, and is not included. Please ensure you read and understand them, and contact us if you have any questions. You can see our standard supply and installation contract terms and conditions here…

How do I accept the quote and go ahead?

Just sign your quotation and return it to us, and we will contact you to discuss scheduling. If you have a question, please contact us. We look forward to helping you.

Some jobs just aren’t for us

We specialise in re-roofing and we are very good at what we do, however we recognise that not every project is right for us. If we are unable to provide a quotation, we will let you know. If we know someone who might be more suitable to help, we will happily refer you.

Please complete the enquiry form below if you would like an inspection and quotation

When we receive your enquiry, we will contact you to arrange an inspection and discuss your needs.

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